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 The Top 10 Steps to Achieving Personal Power

by Virginia Walz


There are many nuances to achieving personal power. Based on my own personal experience and observations, I have identified what I believe are 10 essential elements to self-empowerment.

1. Take Responsibility!

This means you must take responsibility for all of your life experiences. You may not be able to control everything that happens in your life, but you do have power over how you choose to interpret the events of your life.... learn to be responsible for that experience.

2. Listen to what people are saying to you.

More than just hearing what people say, it is essential that you listen. By listening to what people say, you have the opportunity to learn how you are showing up to them. From there you can make the shifts necessary to show up such that you get the responses that will serve your interests.

3. Focus on maintenance, rather than acquisition.

Life maintenance is not as much fun as acquiring new and different things, but knowing the condition of everything in your life and environment is key to having control - having control empowers.

4. Keep a close eye on your finances.

Like it or not, money is power. For me it is the power to travel in style. It is critical to know your financial situation at all times. Sometimes consciousness is all you need to get control of this area. Many of us check out, so as not to be held responsible.

5. Give to yourself.

Do not tolerate being more generous with others than you are with yourself. Remember, the Golden Rule is based on the assumption that you have a strong interest in your own agenda.

6. Be honest about what you want in your life.

Be honest about what you value... then, be OK with that - or not! You cannot begin to have what you want until you understand why you have what you have. A value is anything we try to either obtain or hold on to - what have you been holding onto? Why do you value it?

7. Get physically fit.

Feeling strong and healthy is important for feeling empowered. The degree of fitness is extremely personal, but it is possible to eliminate decidedly unhealthy foods and behaviors.

8. Reduce your time in front of the TV (or computer) by 50%.

Maybe you can only do 25% at first - but try to switch it to 50% a.s.a.p. - or multitask. Do housework while you are watching TV... but try to stay on your feet.

9. Access your creativity.

Find a way to introduce at least one creative activity into your life, personally or professionally. Start a corporate or community newsletter - create a work calendar for your department. Develop a habit of writing one poem a week.... whatever suits your interests. You can even do things for your eyes only.... just do something.

10. Create personal independence as a primary value.

You come into the world alone and you leave it alone. Try not to depend on others for your primary needs.... self-sufficiency is one of the main indicators of self-actualization. It is important to stay open to receive the love others want to give us... it is another to require others to sustain our lives and happiness.

About the Author:
This piece was written by Virginia Walz, Educator and Life Coach, who can be reached at  Virginia Walz wants you to know: I coach clients seeking an integrated, balanced life. I focus on time management, health and wellness, and creating incredible relationships.

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