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All About Soul Mates


It seems as if everyone is interested in the idea of a soul mate these days!  My husband does psychic readings, and at least 40% of the over 3000 people he has talked to over the Internet ask about soul mates.  “Is the one I am with my soul mate,” “When will I meet my soul mate,”…. This seems to have become the catch phrase of the new millennium.

To fully understand the concept of a soul mate, one must understand the principles of reincarnation and Karma.  We are all souls, pure energy that is only visiting this planet.  We are here, and have been here many times in the past, to learn, to grow and to transmute Karma that we have accumulated in past lives.  Contrary to popular opinion, all Karma is not bad.  We are as equally rewarded for our past good deeds as we are forced to deal with our past negative deeds.  Throughout past lifetimes, and in spirit, we develop strong Karmic attachments to other souls.  We agree to meet again and again, lifetime after lifetime, to enjoy the emotions and love that we share.  These can be said to be our “soul mates”.

There is a trick to this, however!  It is that our soul mates rarely are the perfect person that we are constantly seeking for our mate.  Each of us comes here as both male and female in different lifetimes.  We do not always agree to come here at the same time.  Therefore, your soul mate could be anyone!  They could be your Mother, your best friend or your child.  Your soul mate in this lifetime could be your cousin or your sibling.  The point is that a soul mate is any person that you feel a strong love and bond with.  When you feel as if you have known someone forever, when you are totally comfortable together and are in harmony with one another, this can be your soul mate.

Soul mates have nothing to do with lust or sex.  If you have the screaming thigh sweats for someone, it certainly does not mean that they are your potential soul mate!  It simply means that you are strongly physically attracted to them.  Period. 

You must remember that you are also bound to meet people in this lifetime that you have a Karmic bond with that is based in negativity.   We all have Karma to transmute that has to do with people we have wronged in a past life or who have wronged us.  Sometimes, this bond is mistaken for love.  If you are in a relationship with someone, friend or lover, where there is a lot of pain or disagreement, it could be this type of connection.   How you handle it this life could mean the difference between being done with it once and for all, or having to go through it all



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