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 Physical Healing


One of the most difficult things to learn as a Healer, is that sometimes, people can not, or will not be healed.  It is possible that the illness is a part of their Karma, and it is necessary for them to be sick. In other cases, people can not accept the healing for whatever reason.  It could be that they do not believe that healing of this type can really work, or it could be that they need to see themselves as being sick.  In many cases,  people feel as if they do not deserve to be well.  No healing will help these people until the underlying problems are dealt with.  I have a fundamental belief in the power of prayer to heal people.  I have seen it happen many times.

~~Eagle Dancing


We have a "healing basket" which is an actual basket with names and prayer requests in it.  It is prayed over daily. You can send your healing requests to us by E-Mail to be put in the basket, by clicking on the basket icon:

One of the most effective things you can do for yourself in terms of healing is to begin to see yourself as a healthy person.  Start to change what you say about yourself, because words have great power.  Instead of saying, "I am so sick," try saying, "I feel healthy. I AM healthy.  I am filled with the healing energy of the Creator"

Envision yourself filled with a glowing golden energy, directed to you from the Creator.

Accept the healing, and claim it as you own.


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